Jake: And yes anon it is a black eye, I didn’t get it on the date itself. We had to stop due to a storm and I made the mistake of thinking the place was abandoned. Lets just say one of the kids has a mean swing, still impressed they were able to hit that hard.I’m sure their side of the story in more interesting then mine.

But I think the date went rather well, I had fun hopefully Zion did as well.

Mod Post

Hey guys, first of all I want to say thank you all who are sticking around. You guys are crazy awesome and I can’t thank you enough for sticking by me.

But I decided I’m going to do some post as text post instead of something drawn. I won’t go into boring details, but after drawing all day I don’t always feel up to drawing ask. Some answers would be the exact same drawing over and over again so feels a bit silly to do that. Otherwise at the rate I’m going, I’ll never get to updating the blog again. So hopefully no one minds text replies, I’ll get a few more out if that’s the case.

In the mean time ask, interactions and m!a’s are always welcome.

Thanks guys hopefully there will be some updates soon.

Nauro: The small ones seem a little fragile, and the larger ones aren’t exactly friendly. When I lived around the village when I first came here, the mine had a lot of slimes about all the time. But I never kept any as pets, just watched them while I worked. 

Jake: The stones as you say are special to my culture. They have many meanings to us, often used as protection stones. They are also used as a courting device, a way to say you want to be together or to propose I guess you would say. Stones have a wide variety of meanings as well, protection, love, healing, creativity, ect. I could go on but I’d be here for awhile.

Once children hit 10 years of age, we would receive our own special stone. Think of it as a type of coming of age, after working hard to prove yourself you are finally seen as an adult. If you are wondering I got my hematite 21 years ago to this day. 

Jake: Alex, its been awhile, hopefully your problem is sorted out now. If you ever need help in the future let me know. And I’d love to hang out just let me know when. Hopefully you don’t mind me being banged up. Seems like every time we try to hang out I always look worst for wear.

I better get back to sparring with Avis.


Just thought I’d remind people, if they want to keep up with what I’m doing here on tumblr I have a few mod blogs.

So when I go quiet on here for a good bit, can keep up with me over there. Even ask/talk to me on my personal, be nice to get to know some of you.

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Thanks for you patience guys, something good should be coming soon.

Mod: Aaaaa thank you both! I don’t think I could ever express how much this means to me. And to know that my dorky blog is someones favorite means so much!! This makes me really want to get back into posting stuff for you guys.

Thank you all for sticking by me, I know I don’t update a lot anymore but hopefully that will change as soon as stuff calms down. We are getting close to another milestone, so fun stuff will happen soon!

Just a bit of practice featuring Jake from a little bit ago. Still proud of how this came out.

Just a bit of practice featuring Jake from a little bit ago. Still proud of how this came out.



[Hannah]: So, today’s Nauro's birthday. We made a special plan to celebrate with her.

[Doug]: That’s right. We had Maria go ahead to her house and ask her out for a walk so we could sneak in the house after they left and get to work…


[Lucas]: Hannah helped me make a cake while the guys decorated.

[Noah]: They came back just as I finished spelling stuff on the cake.

[Hannah]: Doug wanted to add a smiley face and a star, and I seconded him so we made Noah put it on there.


[Maria]: The others zoomed to hide while I stalled Nauro in the front room. I-I’m not good at improvising, but I bought just enough time before she walked into the dining room for the others to be ready to jump out and surprise her.


Nauro: The kids threw a surprise party for me, I didn’t know they knew when my birthday was. 


Nauro: After everyone settled down for the evening Maria gave me her gifts. They were amazing drawings of us and one with all the kids and I. Can’t wait to frame these and get them on my wall. It was a birthday I won’t forget.


Little thing I drew awhile ago of Jake from my mineblog lostinminecraftia. Wonder what he’s down about.


Little thing I drew awhile ago of Jake from my mineblog lostinminecraftia. Wonder what he’s down about.